Environmental Impact

Becoming more sustainable…

With the many challenges the restaurant industry is currently facing, there is one that is not often spoken about – becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly. We’ve taken a few steps over the last few months to bring The Great House in-line with sustainability standards and contributing towards creating a positive impact on our planet.

Sourcing Ingredients

When it comes to our ingredients we are committed to making sure every dish is cooked with fresh produced sourced as locally as possible. This is to help us to reduce our carbon footprint, increase sustainability and help to support our local community in lovely Lavenham and around Suffolk.

We believe that sustainability is about a network, working with local suppliers to ensure we receive great quality, seasonally-produced food; that’s what makes our dishes so special! Using local suppliers not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint, but also provides us with the best seasonal produce, which is reflected in our menu.

Our lobster and shellfish come from Norfolk, whilst our skate, sea bass and lemon sole are sourced from the Suffolk Coast by local company, A Passion for Seafood. Our succulent and exceptional meat comes from our local Lavenham butchers, located on the high street.

Packaging in the Kitchen

When it comes to packaging, we know that plastic has its place in the food industry, however, we have made the decision to ensure that the packaging used for our Bespoke Patisserie and Chef’s Table at Home menu is provided in recyclable cardboard containers that can either be used again or popped in to our customers’ recycling bins. Our greaseproof paper can also be recycled, as well as making sure our leaflets printed on FSC paper.

Creating sustainability  

We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Sustainably Run as part of the Sustainably Run Restaurants initiative, helping towards the goal of planting a billion trees by 2030. For only an optional £1.23 per table, our diners can pay towards planting a much-needed tree in developing countries, helping to offset the carbon impact of their meal created in our kitchen.

To date, our diners have helped to plant 1380 trees, and that number is increasing daily with every service.

However, we won’t stop there! We are committed to making sure that we become as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible and continue to look for ways that we can improve and help towards our planet’s welfare.