Christmas in Lavenham

Dear Friend,

Christmas is fast approaching, the village has returned with its magical annual lights coupled with a flurry of snow which has transported me to a faraway magic world, one every child dreams of.

The shops are full of lovely goodies. The Co-op and butcher have all their seasonal offerings and the new wine shop has wine from all over the world, so please help local traders by purchasing as much as you can locally, like us, they need you too!

Christmas retains certain magic, whether you are seven or seventy-seven, whatever your belief, it brings a message of hope, good-will and peace, something most precious to us all.

We have to quietly reflect on the story of 2020 but also keep our sight ahead to a New Year which we are hopeful will bring hope, good-will, and peace to us all.

I hope part of your celebration will include a visit to The Great House as we have much to offer. Our Head Chef, Swann, calls our December menus the most ambitious The Great House has ever had!

This is a statement of intent and our ambitions which we will carry on in 2021.

All of us at The Great House wish to thank you for your continuous and generous support and above all, we want you to enjoy the wonders of Christmas and wish you all a healthy 2021.

It has been a very challenging and demanding year, we are grateful we are still here, so again from my wife, Julie, and I, thank you for your support.

Happy Christmas and to a wonderful healthy New Year.

Dr DA Tropeano OBE