Hello Autumn

Dear Friend,

We are almost at the end of September hoping to enjoy some of the seasonal food and delicacies available during the colourful period of Autumn, something to cherish and bless, but into the equation come the new rules from government.

The clock seems to have been turned back to a few months ago and whilst not exactly back to square one, but the invisible virus is still here and doing its very best to interfere with our normal life. We hoped the worst was behind us, and maybe that is still the case, but the next six months remain a challenge to us all, so we have to find that inner strength to help us through what is going to be a challenging time.

Even this current unusual life must have some good points, as life is worth living, so I hope you will enjoy the delights of good food in the menus prepared with great care and passion by Swann and his team, and served with complete delight by Antoine, our man from Normandy.

The Champagne Week has just been completed with a delightful celebration of what this wonderful region of our country can offer, but now comes in the fruit of the seasonal Autumn menu, only around the corner.

As usual with our seasonal Experience Menu, we want to keep this as a surprise until the time you arrive but I will promise all the delight one can offer at this time of year, one of transition you could say, are included and I know your palate will be full of joy.

The whole team is very grateful for all the support you have given us since re-opening but I will say it again, thank you, and we need you to ensure we, and our great industry at large, survive the very difficult period we are going through, so please make another date to enjoy our hospitality.

We really want to build a dining experience that is second to none in the area and give something back to the Lovely Lavenham people as we are very proud to be here and part of the community.

Please remember, whilst dining at The Great House must now be an experience, we particularly want to ensure you can enjoy this experience in total safety, so rest assured, our staff temperature is tested daily, they also wear face covering, the number of tables has been reduced to ensure social distancing applies, and there is a QR code for NHS Track and Trace at the entrance for you to log on. From you, we require you to sanitise your hands when entering, please wear your face covering when entering and leaving or going to the toilets.

Apologies for the instructions but we want to ensure we carry out all the necessary duties to keep everyone safe.

I hope to see you soon and again thank you and take very good care of yourselves.

Kind regards
Dr DA Tropeano