Welcome back…

The heart of The Great House is pumping again.

The staff are back, having gone through the paces on how to keep you safe against Covid-19 and how to help customers stay safe whilst under their care.

Everything front and back is meticulously being disinfected when required, cleaning routines have been stepped up so overall we have done whatever is necessary to ensure The Great House a safe haven for you to relax and enjoy great food.

The kitchen team is strong with experience coming from French Head Chef, Swann and Head Pâtissier, Mathieu, guiding with success a younger and ambitious team of chefs.

The new menus are really, very interesting and, like the team, very ambitious and certainly a unique way to explore a dining experience in this area.

At the front of house, we have welcomed Antoine, who joined us on the day we had to close the restaurant down so he had to wait a while to have the opportunity to show us what he can do. I can confirm it was well worth the wait. Antoine is charming, experienced, with excellent professional knowledge and has brought support to the front of house staff and in a short while, developed their skills.

Celine, for the people who know her well, remains in the background guiding everyone in the right direction with her knowledge and experience.

I am, with this team and their ambitions, very hopeful The Great House will survive the ill effects of the Pandemic.

To increase revenues to help the business in this tough environment, we have developed some new products. I hope you will try and enjoy eating in the comfort of your own home, if you are local, so give them a go as they are deliciously prepared by Head Chef, Swann and his team. I also recommend the pâtisserie made at The Great House by Mathieu, trust me, they are the very best in the area.

We had to try and re-invent ourselves in what we can offer and how, you probably are aware, this is an industry on its knees anticipating a very slow recovery, therefore in danger.

The new August menu is ready to go but I will not give anything away except it really is sensational, linked to seasonal food, local when possible and cooked and presented with upmost artistry to delight you.

The events in the last few months seem to have changed the whole world so we need to return to some sort of normality, giving hope for the future and bring a smile to ones face.

There was a period when we had real concern and worry over the future and what it could mean. Now the future is in our hands, we have to produce the food that will be identified as the best in the area, our menu must be inventive and satisfying while using local products, and to create this friendly and classic atmosphere which will make coming to The Great House a real enjoyable experience.

If you do wish to book, please remember the number of tables has been reduced to comply with social distancing rules so I recommend to book well in advance, particularly if you have a preferred table.

To the many people who have already been to us, we are very grateful for your support and hope we have lived up to your expectations and if you can return, as the new menu will please you.

Please wear a face covering when entering and sanitise your hands from our station.

Unfortunately, we cannot take your coat, which, given the time of year, is not a big issue.

I certainly recommend the experience menu and if you enjoy a wine flight it is on offer, carefully selected by Antoine, at a very affordable price, however if all you want is a two-course lunch or dinner you are just as welcome.

But please if you book and cannot make it, do let us know so we can offer your table to someone else.

We all look forward to seeing you very soon.

Kind regards,
Dr DA Tropeano