We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Dear Friend,

We now firmly believe and hope the Prime Minister will on Tuesday announce the re-opening of the hospitality industry on July 4th.

Therefore, if a cold pint or a straight gin and tonic at your local pub is what you have been missing let me say it is, at last, perhaps on the way.

If you have been missing dining at a nice restaurant with a comfortable and good atmosphere, let me confirm The Great House will be re-opening from lunch time on Thursday 9th July.

Let me also say we cannot wait to welcome you and serve you some excellent food.

We have been working hard to ensure we will have in place all the care and safety measures you need so that dining at The Great House is a food experience not an adventure.

It really has been my very great pleasure to talk to you over the past three months and, if I may, I will continue from time to time to update you on what is going on at The Great House, but now I sincerely hope we will see you at The Great House.

If you are not local, please come back soon to see us at Lovely Lavenham, the village is alive again and you can more than dine with us, you can make it an overnight trip and stay with us in our beautiful rooms and enjoy our new breakfast menu.

Look forward to seeing you very soon, thank you for your patience and for listening.

Kind regards,

Dr DA Tropeano

Check back soon as we’ll opening up bookings later this week!