Re-opening is in sight..

Dear friend,

I hope you are all keeping well and look forward to better days with the restrictions being eased, it should make a life a little easier and enjoyable.

All we need now is the weather to be a little kinder to us although we needed the rain. On Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful temperature with the sun shining all day long long whilst other parts of the country had rain and wind.

The Great House remains closed but we expect an update soon which should announce the re-opening of the hospitality industry to trade. The current two meters social distancing applies but the industry is working hard at lobbying to achieve one meter which is what most of Europe has in place.

We have started pumping some oxygen in the lungs of The Great House and last Wednesday a long but productive meeting was held with a re-opening agenda and of course what we will The Great House, post pandemic, will be offering.

I am pleased to report all the staff are in Lavenham except one who will return soon and will have to go through the quarantine process. All are fit and healthy and of course ready to go.

Like many restaurants in this country, post pandemic will mean having to re-invent ourselves, with more products, even better products all aimed to convince our customers that The Great House is the place to go.

Prices, value for money and options will be important but we know there is an economic crisis on the horizon to consider too.

The Great House is known for its award winning rooms and we are offering specials prices but we now will be, for the first time, offering room service. So if breakfast in bed is something you enjoy, go ahead and order it, but if you are nervous to dine in a crowded restaurant you can order and enjoy dinner in the comfort of your room too.

The breakfast style is also being upgraded. No longer will there be a buffet style breakfast, instead we return to the good old fashion sit-down breakfast with two menus, classic continental or the traditional breakfast menu available – if you enjoy Eggs Benedict, this is on the menu for you to enjoy.

We will also offer a picnic menu for guests, so if exploring lovely Lavenham and its surroundings is on your itinerary you will be able to enjoy Great House food and you can also have a bottle of wine or even bubbly if you desire.

For lovely Lavenham residents we will not be the first but we will make takeaway food available. A three-course menu awaits, we make the promise this will be top classic food you can take away and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Also on offer will be the delights of French Patisserie created at The Great House by Mathieu, an award winning patissier in France, for you to buy and take home for a special event, birthday, anniversary or even a wedding, simply to enjoy the delights of French Patisserie.

We are also teaming with our wine supplier to offer a take away wine list at very competitive prices.

Finally what will the restaurant offer.

Firstly the seating number may be reduced because of social distancing. If it remains at two meters it may well be capacity will be around twenty people however there is a whisper of it being dropped to one meter which would allow us at least thirty people. With good weather the terrace will allow at least three more tables.

Therefore, early bookings are advised as we don’t want to disappoint you. Saturday is usually our busiest day.

Returning to the menu offering we will still have our traditional lunch and dinner menus at the same price we offered before lock down. This represents excellent value for money for you to enjoy french food made in lovely Lavenham.

We will also introduce a new Food Experience Menu, both lunch and dinner. This is a new product created by Swann and his team of chefs so lunch time or dinner you can experience and enjoy that special food experience made in historic Lavenham.

Lunch time will consist of four and five courses, for dinner you can enjoy also a six and seven course menu at a price not matched anywhere.

All the food we offer is locally sourced, menus designed and cooked under the supervision of Chef Swann with a team of dedicated staff who have worked for The Great House for a while. We are confident our food will be one of the best in Suffolk.

The front of house will be led by Antoine who started with us just prior to lockdown so many of you have not met him yet but I know you will like him. Antoine has an excellent pedigree in French catering circles and has worked in many first-class French restaurants, speaks good English and feels very much at home in Lavenham as it reminds him of his native Normandy.

As you can see we have given a lot of thought to bring a real dining experience to lovely Lavenham and look forward to being open to offer unique creations with local products, made in Lavenham.

We expect tough days ahead with people having other priorities than going to a restaurant so will need your support by choosing your next dining experience at The Great House.

Please be assured that we will deliver an excellent product experience at a very competitive price.

The hospitality industry is on its knees, there has been many casualties already and more will follow as some will not be able to survive, plus an expected recession is only around the corner and will inflict further pain.

The Great House staff hope to soon go back to work, they are professional, creative people, the only way they can express themselves is by cooking behind the stove or by serving you at the table.

They hope to soon be able to do this and of course to see you in a small corner of France in beautiful Lavenham, we know you will enjoy our offerings. Keep safe.

Kind regards
Dr DA Tropeano