Keeping in touch with you, our friends

Dear Friend,

It has been a while since I communicated with you good people, in fact it seems an eternity but this upside down world makes our life rather disjointed.

I hope you are all keeping in good health, fit and ready to enjoy some of the freedom we have just been allowed.

The last nine weeks have been terrifying for many, probably more than one would experience in a lifetime.

This world should be about kindness and generosity and we have seen examples of the good in the human race from the amazing heroes of the NHS to volunteers delivering food parcels to people in need.

With, hopefully the worst behind us, the Prime Minister suggested he is hopeful the hospitality industry may soon receive good news of being able to re-open. There is a whisper within the industry that one meter social distancing is being considered as one of the conditions but we will have to wait and see.

So it is time for us, the staff at the Great House, to consider re-opening is in sight. This will be a great relief to everyone associated with the industry from suppliers to staff and of course our loyal customers.

This is an industry that has been very badly affected, with some casualties and perhaps more to come.

We know re-opening the restaurant will bring many challenges and maybe the experience will also be different because of having to comply.

Changes will have to take place, we will need to adapt to the rules laid down by the government which may affect the atmosphere but will not affect the quality and choice of the food nor the level of service.

All the staff want to see the end and a return to their daily routine so they can express their skills and experience.

We have assembled a very good team from Swann the head chef, Mathieu the pastry chef, Antoine who heads the front of house and of course Celine.

Next week everyone, under the leadership of Celine, Swann and Antoine, will work on the new menus being offered, to how the table arrangements will be, which may by the way bring reduced number of seatings to how we will operate to deliver a smooth and efficient service.

Once we have worked out all those details we will be back to bring to you what we hope you will find to be an exciting menu to tempt you all back to enjoy good food but also some relaxing and friendly time with us.

To all the people involved with the running of the Great House, the mission is to deliver excellent cuisine and service at an affordable price.

The weather has been exceptional and kind to enjoy outdoor life but it will be good to see the buzz back in Lavenham, shops opening, the market back and everyone getting closer to a normal life.

I hope you have been able to watch all the cooking demos on social media by Swann and Mathieu, if you have not then please do, I know you will enjoy the made in Lavenham cooking experiences. All recipies you can cook at home yourself.

So we will soon be back to confirm the opening date but also to give you our Summer 2020 new menus and we hope these will inspire you to book a table once we re-open.

Thank you to the many people who have followed our letters and for the kind replies and words of support we have received.

Our freedom hopefully will soon return so we can enjoy the finer things in our lives but to do this you must continue to keep safe as we hope to see you very soon.

Best wishes,
Dr DA Tropeano OBE