Easter should be a time for hope…

Dear Friend,

It looks like we are going to have good weather for Easter, the thought of the availability of lovely local fresh seasonal food will be exciting to any chef and restaurants for delivering good menus and specialities so how sad are we not to be able to enjoy this challenge? Very much so.

However, we have been hit by a tragedy. One of our staff member has had to face the hardest of experiences with the loss of a family member, so when you are a close community like we are, one loss is all our loss.

We are trying to cope and comfort but these are exceptional and cruel times during which we will give all the support we can.

We hope we will not receive such further painful news from a colleague again, as this has really affected us all.

Lavenham feels strange and empty, everyone obviously trying to get on with life the best they can but queuing outside shops is a new experience for us all.

Many of the traders will also suffer with the loss of Easter as clearly the ban will continue for the time being.

Most of the Great House employees have family and relations abroad where this virus is powerful and persistent, but in quiet Lavenham the way of life is much simpler and peaceful.

We obviously would like to bring you good news of hope and cheer you up the best we can, but Easter 2020, normally one of the most popular periods in the hospitality calendar, will be a write off this year.

For my part, I cannot recall when I did not work at Easter, probably in the late 70’s. Usually Easter for the Great House is one of the busiest periods of the year, so being closed is going to be a strange and unusual experience.

I hope June, another lovely month food wise, we can see a change of fortune and hopefully on the horizon a return to normality we all deserve and need some enjoyment as long as it is safe.

Thank you all for your best wishes and kind words, it is of great comfort to my wife, myself and all our employees.

Take good care of yourselves, stay safe, abide by the rules and lets hope summer will bring dreams, pleasure, enjoyment and above all, our life back.

Kind regards
Dr D A Tropeano