Letter to our friends

Dear Friend,

We have now been closed for just over a week, like most people who have to isolate, it feels like an eternity.

I can confirm all the staff isolation period is about to come to an end and I am very happy to report everyone is fine and ready to go back to cooking and serving when the opportunity is given.

I travel through Lavenham early morning and return in the afternoon and have noticed the low level of traffic, perhaps a few more walkers enjoying a bit of exercise but with all the shops, cafes and pubs closed, Lavenham is not its buoyant usual self.

Fortunately spring is here, but the temperatures remind me of winter today, everything in the countryside seems to want to come out to remind us that after all, the life of nature still goes on.

It seems that it will be a long while before we will be able to open our doors, months rather than weeks, so we all have to entertain ourselves perhaps even open that special bottle of wine which we bought for a special occasion.

Shopping is a bit laboured at the moment and for me, who loves food buying from shops and markets, it is not the most rewarding of experiences at present.

I do hope you all keep safe and religiously practice what is being preached on our TV screens, if you are really bored you can always send a message to the Great House email address and we will do our best to reply.

My wife Julie has spoken to many of you on the phone and it is lovely to know that everyone contacted was in good health and spirit as well as ready and willing to enjoy a meal out with us when the time comes.

We will ensure Swann, our Chef, has an excellent menu to propose to you.

I will update you again with any news towards late April, also i don’t expect to have a reopening green light then but it will be nice to have a chat anyway.

Take very good care of yourself, if we can help let us know.

Dr DA Tropeano OBE