Meet Swann The Great House Sous Chef!

Meet Swann Auffray the Sous Chef at The Great House in Lavenham! He works alongside Chef Patron Guillaume to create and deliver the delicious and inventive French dishes served to all of our guests.

Swann began his career in food in his home region of Brittany in France in 2010 at catering college. He then went on to spend a season working in Corsica to expand his knowledge, before moving to the UK and joining the Great House team in December 2013.

In early 2017 Swann took some time away from The Great House spending 8 months working at the Christopher Hotel in the Caribbean before heading back to The Great House in October 2017 with the new title of Sous Chef. Since returning he has been right hand man to Guillaume with the two working together to create some imaginative and memorable menus for our diners.

Most recently in January 2019 Swann entered the Suffolk Food & Drink Awards for young chef of the year and was nominated as a finalist, a fantastic achievement for a young chef.

Both Swann and the rest of The Great House team look forward to welcoming you along to see us and taste some of the fantastic food he has helped to create.

Book your table today and join us for an unforgettable dining experience!