Head Chef announced as Chef Patron of The Great House

We are pleased to introduce Head Chef Guillaume Dericq as the new Chef Patron of The Great House.

Guillaume began his career in the kitchen from a very young age, working with his father who is also a chef, and his grandparents from the age of 14 in the restaurants that they owned.

From then on Guillaume moved on to formal training at his local college in France before attending university and taking on a 3 year apprenticeship At The 12 in Delme France. Following his training and work on the French restaurant scene Guillaume made the decision to move to England for 6 months to explore the country, improve his English and broaden his catering knowledge. Now, 4 years on, Guillaume continues to live and work in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

Using his experience as a French Chef, Guillaume has been through the ranks at the Great House taking on his most recent role as Chef Patron, which will also involve some time out of the kitchen to be involved in the day to day running of The Great House including the boutique bedrooms, events, marketing and ensure the restaurant continues to provide an excellent customer experience.

We asked Guillaume some questions following his the announcement of his new role:

What is your ultimate goal as part of your new role at The Great House?
‘’I want to ensure the quality experience we provide at The Great House continues, that our guests leave happy and perhaps earn ourselves a Michelin star!’’

What sort of dishes are you favourite to create?
“I enjoy using the old French style of cooking but look at ways I can improve these dishes with a more modern vibe!’’

What’s your favourite ingredient?
“I like to use a variety of fruits and herbs within The Great House menus but I don’t have a favourite ingredient because you need more than one to make something great!”

What’s your top cooking tip?
“The best advice I can give someone who wants to be a good chef is to be patient and let your passion show through your food”

We look forward to working with Guillaume as Chef Patron and hope that you will join as we welcome him into this new role.