Lavenham is one of the most picturesque villages in England.

Its winding streets are lined with a charming jumble of Tudor houses and crooked, half-timbered cottages, and on the edge of the village Lavenham’s 15th century Wool Church stands majestically atop a hill.

Known as ‘England’s best preserved medieval village,’ Lavenham was once at the heart of the booming textile trade. The village’s exquisite architecture is reminiscent of its heady days as one of the famous Suffolk Wool Towns.The village has plenty of art galleries, antique shops and attractions, such as the famous National Trust Guildhall, the magnificent Church and Little Hall Museum.

The Great House is one of the main sponsors for the Lavenham Sinfonia, which produces 4 wonderful classical music concerts per year. For programme and details you can visit the Lavenham Sinfonia Website.

While in Lavenham, it’s best to explore on foot. Circular walks around Lavenham and the surrounding villages provide extraordinary views, while guided tours allow you to discover the area’s exciting history.

Lavenham Walks

The Lavenham Circular Walk 1
The Lavenham circular walk 2 – Brights
The Great House to Brent Eleigh walk

Lavenham Falconry

The Lavenham Falconry offers you the opportunity to fly true hunting hawks and falcons in their natural state with falconers that are dedicated to make the most of your time spent with us.We can mould and adjust each course to suit and also include any particular area that you are interested in which makes this the foremost falconry experience in Suffolk with over 25 different Birds of Prey available for you to fly from Owls, Hawks, Falcons, Eagles and Vultures.

Lavenham Falconry also offer the opportunity to experience other activities including Field Archery, Rifle Shooting and Survival Skills.

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