The Great House, Lavenham
The Great House in Lavenham
Celebrations at the Queen Victoria Jubilee in 1892
The Great House, Lavenham
The Great House's courtyard
Late 19th century, with gates opening onto Prentice Street
The Great House, Lavenham
The Great House
In the early 20th century before the renovations of the Little Hall


History of The Great House and its famous people

The Great House is located in the Market Place of Lavenham, one of the finest and most beautiful medieval villages in England.  It was built in the 14th and 15th centuries by the Caustons, an important weaving family during the height of the town’s importance and wealth that was based on its textile industry.  Part of one of the 14th century chimney can still be seen in one of the hotel bedroom. The building was then modernised with the addition of the imposing Georgian façade in the 18th century.